Hole by Hole Tour

Men: Par 70, 5648m Women: Par 72, 5221m

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Hole 1 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 1:

  • Par 4
  • 289m for both men and women
  • Avoid trees on right, and drain in front of the green for a relatively easy Par.
Hole 2 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 2:

  • Par 4
  • 379m for Men – 311m for Women
  • Water in front of the tee for Men is not really in play. Plays all of its measured distance; mounds on the right of the fairway catch a lot of drives, which makes for a more difficult second.
Hole 3 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 3:

  • Par 3
  • 195m for Men -140m for Women
  • Longish Par 3, with bunker guarding centre/left of the green, which has two levels. It pays to be on the same level as the pin.
Hole 4 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 4:

  • Par 4
  • 338m for both Men and Women
  • Short hole, with a small green. There are two pot bunkers on the left, trees on the right, and water behind.
Hole 5 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 5:

  • Par 3
  • 174m for Men – 162m for Women
  • Straight away par3, with out of bounds on the left for very errant tee shots. Green can be tricky, particularly if above the hole in winter.
Hole 6 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 6:

  • Par 5
  • 449m for Men – 379 for Women
  • Short Par 5, big hitters can reach in two, but have to take on water surrounding the green on three sides.
Hole 7 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 7:

  • Par 5
  • 500m for Men – 453 for Women
  • Rated No 1 for Women
  • Needs two good hits to clear the drain crossing the fairway, which opens up the largish green, and avoids playing over bunkers.
Hole 8 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 8:

  • Par 4
  • 314m for Men – 311m for Women
  • Straight away hole, that has been driven on a few occasions. Second shot is over bunkers to a narrow green, with two levels.
Hole 9 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 9:

  • Par 3
  • 178m for Men – 124m for Women
  • First hole “over the road” on the “top course”
  • This hole is uphill, with out of bounds on the left, and as with the 5th, it is wise to avoid downhill putts, particularly in Winter.
Hole 10 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 10:

  • Par 4 Men – Par 5 Women
  • 409m for both
  • Rated No 1 for Men
  • Long par 4 with first shot up hill; out of bounds on the left, requires two good shots to reach in regulation.
Hole 11 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 11:

  • Par 4
  • 256m for both
  • An interesting hole, which is driveable, but can also be responsible for scores of 6 or more. Slight dog leg right to a small, tricky green, with bunkers left and right of green entry.
Hole 12 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 12:

  • Par 3
  • 133m for both
  • Downhill shot to the green between trees; bunker guards right of green.
Hole 13 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 13:

  • Par 4
  • 384m for Men – 324m for Women
  • Plays long, second shot uphill to a green that runs severely left.
Hole 14 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 14:

  • Par 5
  • 499m for Men – 460m for Women
  • Dog legs right, along a tree lined fairway. A clump of trees guarding the top left near the green catches many allowing for the slope of the green from left to right.
Hole 15 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 15:

  • Par 4
  • 346m for Men – 327m for Women
  • Second shot uphill, with out of bounds on the left, and plenty of trees on the right.
Hole 16 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 16:

  • Par 4
  • 319m for both
  • Dog leg left. Big hitters can attempt to drive the green, which, for others, requires a downhill second to a green with mounds in front and a bunker on the left.
Hole 17 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 17:

  • Par 3
  • 118m for both
  • A straight away hole, with the only complication being the prevailing winds. Bunkers on left and right of the green.
Hole 18 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 18:

  • 368m for both
  • Par 4 Men – Par 5 Women
  • Slight dog leg to the left, to a large, tiered green, with bunkers front and left. Out of bounds and water on the left of the first part of the fairway; mounds on right near the green.

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Our Sponsors

  • Sunday 25th March what a warm day we had after the rainy Friday & Saturday. The course was quite damp in places, but the greens were fantastic. The Hudson Donnelly 2BBB Mixed Day sponsored by Richmond Dairies was a great success with 32 players competing for the trophy and the scores were very close. Winners Trevor & Kay Wood finished with 44 points from John & Allysen Weaver who had 43. Terry & Julie Llewellyn came in 2nd Runner Up with 42 points. NTP’s on the 17th were won by Jackie Bratti and John Weaver. Balls went to 37 points.

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  • Wednesday 21st March and it looked like there was rain coming on the horizon, but it was around only for a very short stay. The cooler and breezier day was very enjoyable rather than what we have been having over the past few humid weeks. There was a field of 30 to play the 2 Person Ambrose Sponsored by Country IT. Lorraine Pratt & Linda Dean thought they had the winning score with 71.75, until Reinie Kinsley and Judith McHugh came in. Reinie and Judith were in the last group of the day and scooped the win with a great 68.5. Second Runners Up were Loretta Transton and Nora Viel with 73.5.
    Photos are of the Winners & Runner Ups

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  • The final round of the 2018 Ongmac Trading Club Championships was played on Saturday, 17th March. After a very wet 3rd round the previous Saturday, the weather gods were kind during the week leading up to the final round and the golf course was in magnificent condition.

    The winners on the day were Wayne Underhill (7) in A Grade with 64 nett, from Jeff Lassig (14) on 66. B Grade was taken out by John Wilkinson (15) with 66 nett, from Stephen Nelson (16) on 71. The C Grade Winner was Jeff Rankin (29) with 60 nett, from Ray Wilson (22) with 72. Balls went to 74 on a countback and the Classic Shot went to Malcolm Olive on the 12th hole.

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  • Wednesday, 14th March. The ladies were finally able to get a game of golf in without any rain affecting play. There were 27 in the field, the Overall Casino Dental Winner was Carolyn Ross (21) finishing with a 75 nett. Carolyn also took out the March Monthly Medal and the Vets Comp.
    Division 1 Real Estate Home Loans Winner was Linda Dean (17) with 79 nett on a c/b from Runner Up Louise Formaggin (19). Division 2 Real Estate Home Loans Winner was Anne Innes (28) with 81 nett from Runner Up Maree Drysdale (26) who had 83 nett on a c/b from Judith McHugh.

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  • Saturday, 3rd March there were 125 in the field to contest the 1st Round of the Ongmac Trading Sponsored Men’s Championships at Casino. The Green staff worked tirelessly to get the course and the greens in excellent condition for the competition. Riley Taylor (+2) started his campaign with an outstanding 65 scr from Justin Northfield (5) with 76 scr. A Reserve Wayne Jackson (11) has had 80 scr to start his game off from Garry Randall (12) on 84. B Grade player Ian Eggleton (16) finished with 85 scr from John Wilkinson & Ted Fogarty on 90. C Grade Gary Shephard (22) has had 93 scr from Russell Charlton (22) with 95 scr.

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  • Wednesday, 28th February. WOW; how well did the course recover after the 110 mls of rain causing flash flooding all through the town on Monday afternoon. The greens were looking and playing exceptional, and the fairways have dried out really well. Richmond Dairies Representative Julie Llewellyn (16) played a lovely game of golf to take out the Division 1 Prize with 36 points. Runner Up Louise Formaggin (20) played her first game of the year well to finish with 34 points. Division 2 Winner was Judy Karam (29) with 32 points from Heather McAndrew (28) on 31 points.

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  • Wednesday 14th February and the weather reports were sending out signs of a 41° day, so most of the ladies were out early to hit off, and get in before the heat reached its peak. There were 28 ladies who made it to the South Casino Butchery sponsored day, making 2 Divisions for the Sponsorship Trophies. The Overall Winner of the day was Kay Wood (28) finishing with a Nett 70 to also take out the Monthly Medal and the Vets Comp.

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  • Saturday 10th February there were 91 players come to play in the Casino Golf Club DIY Home Hardware 2BBB Stableford with Single in Conjunction. Mark and Judy came out to present the trophies to the winners. Mick and Josh Innes were sitting pretty with 48 points in the 2BBB Stableford until the last group made up of Shane Hogan and Andy Shaw put them in the runner up position with 49 Points. Shane gave his apologies not being able to stay for presentation.

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  • Wednesday 7th February what a great day for golf with an early start to the day and the fresh morning air continued on throughout the day. Thank you to the ladies who called our Captain to express their apologies for not being able to come due to either illness or injury they have sustained over the break. There was a field of 28 and the scores are really quite good considering not many played through the summer months of December/January. The greens have been scarified and on their way back (looking really good and magic to putt on) and the fairways are looking great after the frequent showers we have been getting.

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  • What a day it was on the 11th of November, remembering our fallen at 11 a.m. The Casino Social Golf Club & Darren Rae were the sponsors of the Mexican 4BBB Stableford Event and the majority of the 104 players soldiered on through the wind and the rain that came down in buckets on a couple of occasions. It was a huge day for the Golfers with Malcolm Olive (13) and Darren Rae(29) finishing with 51 points from the 1st Runner Ups Zac Innes (10) & Darren Grimston (27) who had 49 points from 2nd Runners Up Terry Oaten (19) & Nathan Chadderton (18) on 48.

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  • It was definitely a cooler day to play golf on Wednesday 8th with the temperature getting to around 24 degrees, and the overcast weather turned a few players away. There was a field of 32 players for the O/A Clydesdale Trophy and the Division Trophies were provided by Casino Centre Bakery. The Overall Winner was Dianne Black (34) who finished with 35 points; the “Preferred Lies” being taken off obviously didn’t put Dianne off

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  • Casino Golf Club Foscars & Casino Tyre Professionals 4 Person Team Drop the Worst Score Stableford event took place today and there were 92 in the field. Bill Stanford, Peter Kennedy, Jim Moffitt & Fred Imeson took out the day with 120 Nett from Malcom Olive, Greg Snow, Keith Norris & Daniel Smith who finished with 118 Nett. Balls went to 115, and the Turkeys Nest has 16 balls in which was not won.

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  • Wednesday 25th October and all donations have been made to the respective local charities as the Outgoing Committee finalises their year of a job well done as well as a great golfing year. Rebecca from “Our Kids” came to the club after the golf game to accept the donation made to “Our Kids” based in Lismore near the Base Hospital; to talk with the Ladies to let them know about the job they do and what the money will be spent on. They do a wonderful job for the kids and families who need the support and somewhere to stay during treatment.

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