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Nominations are now open for eligible members to nominate for director or president positions for the 2021-2022 Casino Golf Club Board.

For those interested in nominating, please see below link for the form to be completed and returned in person to Andrew Porter at the club or to P O Box 106 Casino NSW 2470. Nominations must be received prior to 5pm 17th December 2021.

2021-2022 Board Nomination Form

To confirm if you are eligible to nominate for the board or to find out general information about what it means to sit on the board, please do not hesitate to contact Andrew Porter on 02 6662 8333 or in person.

Below is a video link from ClubsNSW regarding nominating to be a director:

Nominating for your Club Board – why it’s a good idea

Below is a video link from ClubsNSW regarding obligations of a board member:

Board Nomination – Your Obligations in the Boardroom