Hole by Hole Tour

Men: Par 70, 5648m Women: Par 72, 5221m

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Hole 1 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 1:

  • Par 4
  • 289m for both men and women
  • Avoid trees on right, and drain in front of the green for a relatively easy Par.
Hole 2 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 2:

  • Par 4
  • 379m for Men – 311m for Women
  • Water in front of the tee for Men is not really in play. Plays all of its measured distance; mounds on the right of the fairway catch a lot of drives, which makes for a more difficult second.
Hole 3 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 3:

  • Par 3
  • 195m for Men -140m for Women
  • Longish Par 3, with bunker guarding centre/left of the green, which has two levels. It pays to be on the same level as the pin.
Hole 4 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 4:

  • Par 4
  • 338m for both Men and Women
  • Short hole, with a small green. There are two pot bunkers on the left, trees on the right, and water behind.
Hole 5 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 5:

  • Par 3
  • 174m for Men – 162m for Women
  • Straight away par3, with out of bounds on the left for very errant tee shots. Green can be tricky, particularly if above the hole in winter.
Hole 6 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 6:

  • Par 5
  • 449m for Men – 379 for Women
  • Short Par 5, big hitters can reach in two, but have to take on water surrounding the green on three sides.
Hole 7 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 7:

  • Par 5
  • 500m for Men – 453 for Women
  • Rated No 1 for Women
  • Needs two good hits to clear the drain crossing the fairway, which opens up the largish green, and avoids playing over bunkers.
Hole 8 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 8:

  • Par 4
  • 314m for Men – 311m for Women
  • Straight away hole, that has been driven on a few occasions. Second shot is over bunkers to a narrow green, with two levels.
Hole 9 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 9:

  • Par 3
  • 178m for Men – 124m for Women
  • First hole “over the road” on the “top course”
  • This hole is uphill, with out of bounds on the left, and as with the 5th, it is wise to avoid downhill putts, particularly in Winter.
Hole 10 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 10:

  • Par 4 Men – Par 5 Women
  • 409m for both
  • Rated No 1 for Men
  • Long par 4 with first shot up hill; out of bounds on the left, requires two good shots to reach in regulation.
Hole 11 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 11:

  • Par 4
  • 256m for both
  • An interesting hole, which is driveable, but can also be responsible for scores of 6 or more. Slight dog leg right to a small, tricky green, with bunkers left and right of green entry.
Hole 12 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 12:

  • Par 3
  • 133m for both
  • Downhill shot to the green between trees; bunker guards right of green.
Hole 13 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 13:

  • Par 4
  • 384m for Men – 324m for Women
  • Plays long, second shot uphill to a green that runs severely left.
Hole 14 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 14:

  • Par 5
  • 499m for Men – 460m for Women
  • Dog legs right, along a tree lined fairway. A clump of trees guarding the top left near the green catches many allowing for the slope of the green from left to right.
Hole 15 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 15:

  • Par 4
  • 346m for Men – 327m for Women
  • Second shot uphill, with out of bounds on the left, and plenty of trees on the right.
Hole 16 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 16:

  • Par 4
  • 319m for both
  • Dog leg left. Big hitters can attempt to drive the green, which, for others, requires a downhill second to a green with mounds in front and a bunker on the left.
Hole 17 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 17:

  • Par 3
  • 118m for both
  • A straight away hole, with the only complication being the prevailing winds. Bunkers on left and right of the green.
Hole 18 - Casino Golf Course

Hole 18:

  • 368m for both
  • Par 4 Men – Par 5 Women
  • Slight dog leg to the left, to a large, tiered green, with bunkers front and left. Out of bounds and water on the left of the first part of the fairway; mounds on right near the green.

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