Hole In One

J F Kuhn6th7 May 1966
J R Gillogly6th3 September 1966
A J Baskott12th22 December 1966
B J Roberts9th9 December 1967
E J Sjostedt12th11 January 1969
B M Flannery (Albatross)11th21 July 1969
C Ward12th18 April 1970
J W Green12th5 September 1970
P W Johnson17th12 September 1970
W L Snow17th8 September 1973
A T Bentley12th29 September 1973
H A Thompson17th10 March 1974
A R McAlister3rd9 August 1974
Mrs K Johnston9th6 April 1976
Mrs R Manwar5th31 August 1977
Mrs J Causley12th31 August 1977
J W Green12th3 February 1978
V G Cruickshank5th16 October 1978
Mrs F Small12th19 September 1979
V McInnes12th26 September 1979
I J Elkerton9th13 October 1979
D J Turner12th18 December 1979
J H Gillett12th12 May 1980
A J Schofield12th19 May 1980
G L Saunders12th2 June 1980
K L Ruttley3rd15 September 1980
Mrs K Johnston17th1980
Mrs R Green12th30 August 1981
Mrs R Casey12th30 September 1981
Mrs A James17th20 October 1981
J T Ruttley12th27 March 1982
J L Yates9th22 May 1982
Mrs S Galloway3rd15 September 1982
O Byrne17th18 December 1982
D Transton17th2 April 1983
Mrs L Crichton12th26 April 1983
Mrs M Parks17th1 July 1983
N Goulter12th12 July 1983
Mrs P McDowell12th10 February 1985
Mrs M Ryan17th12 June 1985
J Halliday3rd22 August 1985
R McLennan12th1985
M O'Neill9th8 March 1986
G Chidgey3rd15 March 1986
V Munro17th28 June 1986
Mrs J Baker3rd23 July 1986
J Halliday5th31 July 1986
D Yates12th9 August 1986
R Oaten3rd10 June 1987
J Hepton12th2 May 1987
F Tarlington12th12 September 1987
S Burrage9th21 November 1987
D Parker12th5 December 1987
J G R Quirk12th20 February 1988
M Rees17th18 April 1988
J Gillett12th12 May 1988
T Innes17th14 May 1988
G Mackney5th25 August 1988
J Holloway17th10 September 1988
Mrs R Baker12th30 October 1988
Mrs D Lollback12th11 November 1988
R Mogg12th11 February 1989
A Snow12th5 August 1989
P Saunders17th6 August 1989
D Parker12th31 August 1989
T Cavanagh12th7 October 1989
N Gillett17th14 July 1990
B Dummermuth12th3 November 1990
T Heir12th17 November 1990
V Druce12th18 November 1990
W Snow9th4 May 1991
P Saunders17th15 June 1991
M L Small17th10 August 1991
H Kinsley17th1 September 1991
B Lindwall12th1992
T Jones12th1 January 1992
A Schofield12th11 january 1992
Q Ellis5th23 January 1992
W Snow5th25 April 1992
D Kennedy9th1 August 1992
H Rankin12th18 February 1993
B Dwyer12th18 February 1993
D Yates12th22 April 1993
J Doyle17th10 July 1993
R Johnston9th11 November 1993
H Crichton3rd16 November 1993
B Lindwall12th16 June 1994
B Butler17th28 July 1994
R Bulley17th4 August 1994
R Mogg12th13 August 1994
F Causley12th24 November 1994
J Casey12th27 July 1994
Jan Shepheard17th25 August 1995
Joan Richens3rd16 September 1995
W Roberts12th18 September 1995
M Lassig17th30 September 1995
F Tarlington12th26 December 1995
T Everest5th13 January 1996
C Viel5th22 February 1996
Janet Halliday5th13 March 1996
T Jones12th16 March 1996
Q Ellis9th21 March 1996
I Halliday17th30 March 1996
J Baskott12th4 April 1996
Diane McLennan17th16 September 1996
Ann Mead9th20 November 1996
R Mogg12th21 November 1996
J Caban12th5 February 1997
G Smith12th22 February 1997
A Rea9th30 April 1997
C Goodger5th29 May 1997
B Edwards12th7 August 1997
J Denson12th11 October 1997
T Root9th1 July 2000
G Moran17th30 July 2000
G Cowen5th2 November 2000
T Jones12th11 November 2000
B Hickson5th28 December 2000
T Jones12th6 January 2001
A Walsh12th13 January 2001
J Caban12th10 February 2001
L Isaac17th22 February 2001
B Russell17th27 October 2001
T Jones12th17 January 2002
N Smith12th7 March 2002
T Root5th20 April 2002
T Wilson17th14 July 2002
Mrs L Transton17th14 October 2002
S Bateman12th18 January 2003
M Patterson17th13 March 2003
Mrs A Mead3rd9 April 2003
J Lavercombe12th27 September 2003
W Jackson12th13 March 2004
M Greber3rd18 November 2004
R Wells9th2 December 2004
R Imeson12th26 February 2005
T Wilson12th31 March 2005
R Bolewski9th9 June 2005
A Shields12th14 July 2005
J Dean17th15 September 2005
T Hancock12th24 September 2005
S Bateman12th19 November 2005
J Brereton5th31 December 2005
D Kennedy17th24 January 2006
T Wilson12th15 April 2006
C Viel12th17 April 2006
Z Innes12th17 April 2006
C Wiltshire12th10 June 2006
B Dwyer17th28 December 2006
Mrs A Hancock12th10 February 2007
T Jones12th29 March 2007
T Jones17th14 June 2007
A Pluis3rd15 September 2007
  • Womens Golf Casino – Wednesday, August 29th Results of Casino Smash Repairs Trophy. There were 28 players to play for the Casino Smash Repairs Trophies and the scores are not depicting the run on the course.  Division 1 Winner was Janet Halliday (18) who finished with 32 points from Runner Up (just dropping in between jobs) Carolyn Doyle (21) who was close behind with 31 points.  Division 2 Winner has been in the winning circle quite a bit lately – Judith Karam (31) with 33 points from Runner Up Margaret King (27) with 31 points.  Division 3 Winner Joan Burnett (36) had 30 points from Dianne Black (33) on 29.  There are 13 balls in the Eagles Nest which was not won and the balls went to 29 on a c/b.

    Next Wednesday, September 5th is the first round of the McDonalds Pharmacy Spring Carnival  Stroke event and the final Monthly Medal Round for the year.  The Day is sponsored by Chandlers Better Home Living.  There are NTPs & Longest Drives as well.

  • Casino veterans golf results for Tuesday 21st August. With the mild conditions 40 vets turned out for the weekly single stableford event for the usual meat vouchers and sponsored prizes. Aub Scofield returned to form to win the day with 41pts from David Mudford 37, Jeff Lassig 37, Glen Ross 37, John Nipperess 36, Peter Hall 36 and Bob Betts 36. Ball credits were won by Noel Kinsley 35, Terry Blanch 35, Geoff Gibson 34, Peter Brophy 34, Mark Phelan 34, Barry Patch 33, Dan Kennedy 33, Wayne Nowland 33, Terry O’Brien 33, John Quirk 33, Efren Costenoble 32, Rod Coe 32, Ron Thorne 32, Greg Petty 32, Rick Quinn 31 and Ron Porter 31. NTP 5th- Bob Betts, 12th Deb Low and 17th John Quirk. Nominations for vets committee is on the notice board. Please consider standing as some members need a break. Lismore and Cool/gatta Tweed Open Days are now open.

  • Saturday 18th August Results of Casino Golf Club Real Estate Home Loans 2BBB Stableford with a Single Stableford in conjunction


    There were 116 in the field for the Real Estate Home Loans Trophy, PRO Ian Halliday stood in for George Smith Roberts & Luke Bodley who were unable to be there for presentation.  The 2BBB Winners with an excellent 50 points were Kevin Playfair & Sid Batement the Runner Ups from Casino also were Glen Ross & Bill Snow  with 47 Points.  Visitor winners from Ballina who were here to contest the first Round of the Bardwell Ellis Trophy  were Mark Astley & Doug Boardman with 42 points.  Casino won the 1st Round of the Bardwell Ellis event 8 1/2 to 5 1/2 and the return match to Ballina is next Saturday 25th, where the Ballina boys suggested they will give the Casino boys a bit of their own back.  The Single Stableford winner is Sid Bateman with 43 points on a c/b from Runner Up Andrew Campbell.  The ball rundown went to 42 on a c/b in the 2BBB and also the single stableford.  The Turkeys Nest has 32 balls in it and wasn’t won.

    The Alex Armstrong K/O has commenced; each round has 3 weeks to play.  Make arrangements with the opposition to get your games played.


    Next Saturday 25th August is a 2BBB with a Single Stableford in conjunction. The Final Round of the Bardwell Ellis Trophy will be at Ballina.

    Next Sunday 26th August is the Men’s 27 Hole Foursomes, get your names in for this great event.

    Next Monday 27th August is the Casino Golf Club PRO AM  there will be a 7 a.m. and 12 p.m. Shotgun start with 55 Pro’s visiting.  Get your names in to the PRO for a slot in the field.


  • Wednesday 15th August results of the Women’s Golf Casino weekly competition sponsored by North Coast Firearms and Meryl Ellaby.

    There were 33 in the field and the weather was a cool 4° to start the morning moving into a warm 29° to finish the day.

    The Overall North Coast Firearms Trophy Winner was Judith McHugh who had a great 37 points.

    (Photo O.A Wnr Judith McHugh is pictured with Vice President Loretta Transton)

    The Meryl Ellaby Trophies were won by Louise Formaggin (19) with 34 points on a c/b from Carolyn Ross (20) in Division 1.  Margaret Bretherton (23) with 36 points from Kay Wood (31) with 32 points in Division 2 and Maree Nowland (39) with 35 points on a c/b from Betty Quinn (33) in Division 3.  The ball run down went to 31 on a c/b, and there are 11 balls in the Eagles Nest which was not won.

    (Photos Winners and Runner Ups are pictured with Sponsor Meryl Ellaby on the Left)


    Friday 10th August there was 24 in the competition and Neita Johnston won with 36 points from Loretta Transton with 34.


    Next Wednesday 22th August is the 27 hole Foursomes Championship sponsored by Mulherin Schier Chartered Accountants with an 18 Hole Event (after the 27 hole winners) sponsored by Carolyn Ross.  The game is a Foursomes event with ¾ of the combined handicap for the 27 holes and ½ the handicap for the 18 hole event.  Alternate Hits throughout the hole competition and a decision will have to be made before you tee off as to who will be teeing off the odd and even tees.


    Women’s Golf Casino will be teeing off from 8.00 a.m. from next week on.


    Don’t forget we have a PRO AM happening on Monday 27th August, get your names into the Pro for a tee spot.

  • Casino veterans golf results for Tuesday 14th August. Another cool and perfect morning for the 50 vets who turned up to play a single stableford for regular meat vouchers. Vets captain, Jim Dean was the winner with 39 points to win the major voucher from Peter Brophy 37, Wayne Ruttley 37, Len Brown 37, Ron Black 36, Sandy Thompson 36 and Ron Porter 36. Ball winners were Noel Smith 35, Malcolm Olive 35, Tim Meyer 34, Laurie Bonner 34, Ian Spencer 34, Greg Petty 33, Terry O’Brien 33, Trevor Wood 33, Bert Russell 33, Wayne Nowland 33, Ron Thorne 33, Jeff Rankin 33, Dave Mudford 32, Bryan Low 32, Aub Scofield 32, Terry Mortimer 32, Dan Kennedy 32, Geoff Gibson 32, Rod Coe 31, Terry Blanch 31, Geoff Pederson 31, Garry Brown 31, Peter Hall 31, Noel Kinsley 31, Deb Low 30, Jeff Lassig 29, Tim Wilson 29. NTP winners 5th Wayne Ruttley, 12th Trevor Wood and 17th Tim Wilson. Open days at Lismore11th Sept and interclub grudge match against Kyogle at Casino on 18th Sept. We return to Kyogle on Thursday 27th Sept.


    The day was a really cool 1° to start and the jumpers and cardigans were left on for quite some time.  The brisk morning air had us all rubbing our hands together to get them warm, or holding tightly to a cuppa before leaving to play the 2B Aggregate Stableford event with a Single Stableford in conjunction.  Players came from Lismore, Coraki,  and Woodburn Evans Head  to join the Casino Ladies and we did have a great fun day.  Vets Representative Dorothy Willis welcomed all the ladies who came to play with the Casino girls and wished them a safe journey home.

    The main winners came from Casino with Loretta Transton & Nora Viel finishing with 67 points in the Aggregate game from 1st Runners Up Reinie Kinsley & Carolyn Ross who had 65 on a c/b from Linda Dean and Helen Lowe (Lis) with 65 on a c/b from Pat Kelly and Jen Cicchinelli (LIS).

    The Single Stableford Winners were Jan Lynn (LIS) with 37 points on a c/b from Tina Robinson (LIS).

    Nearest the Pins went to Cheryl Booker & her partner Nola Lobban (LIS) for Div 1 on the 9th; Heather McAndrew & her partner Janet Halliday (CAS) were drawn from the cards for the Div 2 NTP on the 12th and Suzanne Olley with Roz McDermott (LIS) won the 5th Div 3 pin. Gail Edser from WEH won the “Classic Shot” on the 17th having one of her best shots of the day.  The Ball Rundown went to 60 Points on a c/b in the Aggregate.

    There was also a “Teams Event” donated by the Casino Golf Club which was the best 3 scores to count out of the 4 people in the team you played with and the winning score was 99 Points which came  from Linda Waring, Loretta Transton, Lyn Chant and Nora Viel.

    Marie Turnbull the Vets Rep from Lismore thanked Casino for a great day.

    (All photos of winners are pictured with Dorothy Willis the Women’s Golf Casino Vets Rep)  


    Colleen McCormack gave us a reminder the Coraki Ladies Open Day is on next Tuesday 21st August and they are taking late entries.   AND Lismore Captain Helen Lowe reminded us of the Lismore Spring Tournament happening the first Monday and Tuesday of September.  Both these events are always  great tournaments to attend.

    Hope to see you all there.

  • Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Casino Golf Club Ltd will be held at Casino Golf Club, West Street, Casino on

    All financial members are invited to attend. All enquires to the club on 02 6662 1259.

    Andrew Porter – General Manager


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